Ponto Beach in Carlsbad


Ponto Beach is a popular with both families and surfers. At this Carlsbad Beach some free parking spots along the road.

Beachcombers often find sea shells during low tide here. This stretch of California coastline is perfect for strolling or jogging because it is flat and your route can be as long as you feel.

Ponto Beach Amenities

This is the section of Carlsbad Beach you would enjoy if you are planning a beach picnic, want to go boogie boarding or surfing.

Ponto Beach Carlsbad Beach California BeachThis is a great beach for families!

The shoreline is flat here, and it's easy to keep track of young beach goers.

Sand castle building, relaxing with a new bestseller or strolling the shore are all prime activities.

Note that there are portable type restrooms here at this Carlsbad Beach San Diego. Lifeguards are on duty normal beach going hours during the summer months.

Surfers here find that the sandbar reef break offers both lefts and rights. Long rides can be had as rewards for paddling out. The water stays warm here for a longer season, and wet suits are optional in the fall and spring.

Many local schools hold their surf meets here at Ponto. The wave are usually dependable, and there rarely any crowds.

Learning to Surf?

Each year the local Lions Club sponsors a day at the beach complete with surf lessons for the visually impaired.

Learning to surf can be a challenge, but imagine if you were blind? A few brave visually impaired surfers learned new surfing tricks at Ponto Beach in Carlsbad, click here to watch them take to the waves as they are learning to surf at Carlsbad.

Affectionately named "Dip in the Road" by the locals. When you visit this stretch of coastline, it will be apparent how Ponto Carlsbad Beach got it's nickname.

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