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The Aviara golf course is among the very best San Diego golf courses. Located at the Four Seasons Resort, Carlsbad, the Aviara golf course actually was awarded Condé Nast Traveler's rating as the "number one golf resort in Southern California". best san diego golf courses, aviara golf course carlsbad beach

So the Four Seasons Resort, Carlsbad Aviara Golf Club is definitely a must-visit golf course for the traveling golfer who is going to be in San Diego.

Aviara golf course abounds with natural topography.

For instance, there are water hazards which have been deliberately positioned as visual extensions of the lagoon.


Aviara golf course clubhouse carlsbad beach

Nestled among the lush foliage is the main clubhouse.

Aviara also hosts a 32,000 square foot (3,000 square meter), two-story Spanish colonial clubhouse.

Inside you'll find a golf shop that can satisfy any golfer's or golfing enthusiast's needs!

Another thing you'll find at the Four Seasons Resort, Carlsbad is the Aviara Golf Academy.

Want to dramatically improve your golf game?

At the Four Seasons Aviara Carlsbad you will find two and three-day golf classes conducted at a world-class facility with access to a TaylorMade Performance Lab and nationally recognized golfing instructors.

Of course (no pun intended), when you're playing on a golf course that was designed by the renowned Arnold Palmer, how could you expect it to be anything else but one of the very best San Diego golf courses? 

What Makes Aviara Golf Unique?

This is the only golf course in San Diego designed by Arnold Palmer, and he did his best to make you feel like you are playing championship level golf within some palatial, exotic garden. best san diego golf courses, Arnold Palmer designed Aviara golf course.

Palmer and his team of landscapers actually designed the entire Aviara golf course around the three valleys and a lagoon. This picturesque golf course lies adjacent to coastal Carlsbad's Batiquitos Lagoon, where you will find over 130 species of waterfowl and shorebirds.

Batiquitos is ecologically sensitive and of course there have long been some touchy San Diego environmental issues in play. Therefore, this Four Seasons Resort, Carlsbad golf course actually took nearly 10 years to complete, finally opening in 1991. The ecological sensitivity of the area drove Palmer and the designers, to build this challenging course in perfect harmony with nature. You can now reap the benefit of an astoundingly beautiful environment in which to play golf. 

The following chart shows the specs that Palmer helped put in:

Par 72
Yardage 7,007
Rating 75
Slope 144
Back 72.7 139
Middle 70.2 133
Forward 69.3 127
Women 69.3 127

For its challenges and especially for its beauty, the Aviara golf course at the Four Seasons Resort, Carlsbad, is among the very best San Diego golf courses.

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definitely a must-visit golf course for the traveling golfer who is going to be in San Diego.quoted text